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Sharing Vibes

  Human beings surpass all other forms of life in the sheer number of ways that we communicate.  Western materialism acknowledges three main vehicles for expression: face, voice, and body language.  Whenever people interact, however, something else occurs that most don’t recognize: they generate emanations of subtle energy that work in accordance with more apparent (five-sensory) aspects of communication.    Whenever people come into direct contact with one another, they experience a greater depth of impressions than the face, body and voice can portray.  Learning about these metanormal components of communication enhances people's interconnections, leading to more profound and intense exchanges.   

Even though many people do not accept the idea of psychic communication, we all share a deeper knowing about our true abilities which comes through in commonly used expressions.   Nuances of the English language show that even people with a "normal" perceptual baseline sense how we all communicate through the etheric plane.  For instance, after an invigorating conversation, someone might use an expression like "we had a real connection" or "s/he was on my wavelength."   At a social gathering, when one person acts entitled to more attention than everyone else, someone might say, "S/he’s sucking all the energy out of the room."

  To give another example, consider bonding, a word that people use to talk about moments when they share their innermost thoughts and feelings.  Bonding touches on a deeply felt experience of giving and receiving in kind.  In the aura, "bonding" is exactly what occurs when we connect with another person in such a way: life force intermingles, creating a synergy that instills joy and learning. Someday, science may acknowledge such phenomena in terms of concepts like dark matter and quantum entanglement, but for now we are stuck with a dominant narrative which writes them off as impossible.

  People who spend a lot of time together pick up each other’s mannerisms.  Like many psychological phenomena, there is a secular explanation for this, which has some truth to it: people act as models for each other’s behavior, so spending a lot of time with someone "socializes" you to their norms.  We do not need metaphysics to understand how this occurs: it is a simple matter of reflecting what we observe in another person.  That notwithstanding, there is also a psychic component to the way people’s personalities sometimes "rub off" when they spend a lot of time in each other’s company. 

  Through communication, people imprint each other with energy patterns that represent their most prominent personality traits as well as more subtle quirks and mannerisms.  The choices that each person makes about his or her identity generates many etheric energy patterns—complex algorithms of vibration that resonate with other people’s energy in interesting ways.  People most often absorb one another’s patterns when they have something in common, in keeping with the metaphysical (and physical) force of sympathetic resonance.  You might say that if one person’s piano strings are already tuned to a certain note, they will have a stronger response to someone playing that note than another person who has chosen to tune their piano differently. 

Psychic Connections

    Many people remember moments in their lives when their connection to another person was so extraordinary, so uncanny, that they wondered if we are all truly as separate as most people seem to believe.  Since Western cultures consider the empirical and the spiritual to be mutually exclusive, however, we are discouraged from wondering whether there might be a comprehensible explanation for these deep, almost spiritual connections.  When people look beyond the constraints of the Materialist worldview, they gain new insight into what really transpires in our deepest relationships with other people. 

Secular explanations for this deeper connectedness identify "compatibility factors" such as a similar background or temperament.  Hinduism and Buddhism share a more transcendental doctrine: that we have all developed ties to certain people over the course of many lifetimes on Earth.  Between the realms of theology and phenomenology, there is another possibility which often goes unsung: that we are all psychically interconnected, in ways that defy the dominant theories of space and energy.   Relationships in our lives that stand out in their level of closeness are defined by qualities like trust, honesty, mutual concern, and a willingness to be vulnerable.  These are all reciprocal ways of communicating: both parties must offer something, or neither one will benefit. 

From family to close friendships and romantic relationships, people build enough trust and rapport to catch glimpses into each other's essential being.  This leads to an unusual degree of psychic connection.  When two (or more) people develop a strong bond of trust, their energy literally "opens up."  Their auras become less contained, allowing some of their energy to spill over into the other person’s psyche.  As a result, they enjoy a depth of insight that cuts through their respective shortcomings and self-deceptions.  People who are very close can mirror each other’s potential: what they most need to recognize about themselves, as well as the strengths that will grow if properly nurtured.  "Letting somebody in" can reveal our potential for greater wholeness. 

The Secret of Reciprocity

  Some people believe that they could never use psychic awareness, but there are psychic forms of interaction that people achieve in spite of what they think they can do.  To give one example, people can psychically shield themselves from others if they don’t want what they are feeling to show.  These psychic shields keep people’s most guarded energies from projecting out to those around them, by blocking various kinds of preconscious energy exchange that normally occurs. 

People always express and receive psychic energy when they communicate, but when we feel intensely positive about an exchange, the level of energy passing back and forth increases dramatically.   That being said, some examples of vibrational exchange are a far cry from the "light and love" of the more idealized portrayals of same.  For instance, scornful judgments elicit a type of psychic energy that pretty much neutralizes our potential to inspire joy and growth in one another.  In judgmental interactions, discord and estrangement prevail over emotional intimacy and harmony.  These nonconstructive types of psychic interaction are so pervasive in modern culture that I have devoted an entire section of this book to dealing with them (see: Energy Vampires), so I won't go into too much detail for now.

Certain kinds of interaction are conducive to a high degree of energy exchange.  Whether people know it or not, these types of experience are extremely common.  They don’t require that a person develop, or even believe in, psychic sensitivity.  The most common forms of energy exchange fall into two categories: reciprocal exchanges and forceful projections.

There are two main ways of projecting energy.  The first type, reciprocal energy projection, only occurs when people feel open and accepting toward the energy that they receive from one other.  The second is the forceful energy projection, which arises when one person tries to psychically impose unwanted traits onto another.  Most human interactions involve some of each type.

Reciprocal, or complimentary, energy projections are "by invitation only:" they do not impinge on another person’s energy field unless that person’s etheric shields are currently coded to allow such energy exchange to occur. This vulnerability only occurs when there is mutual trust and caring.  Reciprocal energies are coded with an intrinsically non-aggressive intent, so they do not impose their content on a person if he or she, for whatever reason, does not desire it.    There are various forms of consent that can engender a deeper level of exchange between people.  Empathy is one such example, especially in cases of people offering one another emotional support.  People communicating openly "let their walls down," not just metaphorically but in a very literal sense as well. 

All people have psychic shields that deter unwanted etheric energy from invading their auras.  People automatically manifest these as a response to situations in which they intercepted ambient vibrations (including others’ projections) which had a debilitating effect on their well being.  We reinforce these shields as the need to screen out unwanted energy increases, such as when someone becomes unexpectedly belligerent.  When we are in a more comfortable and supportive setting, they naturally disperse.  An imprint remains, however, so that if we need those kinds of filters in the near future, we will be able to re-engage them.

One of the most precious gifts people can offer each other is freely bestowed vital energy.  Transmitting this energy from one person to another is not as simple as running an electrical current through a wire.  The nature of the etheric field is not the same for any two people.  People’s etheric fields emulate their distinct essence, and when people radiate this essence in a spirit of generosity, the best of themselves comes through.  Vital energy is imparted by the catalysts of attention and emotion: attention directs the energy to radiate across the etheric connection, while emotion determines the intensity and consistency of the vibrations that we project.   

When we convey the most insightful, joyful, and stimulating aspects of ourselves as subtle energy, we can help each other to untangle blocked energy patterns that are connected to regressive beliefs.  In the wake of the structures being dissolved, new possibilities can bloom.  People’s highest self-expressions always have certain points that are stronger than others.  When people communicate profound realizations, while being receptive to the insights that others have to offer, they enter into an exchange of highly refined vibrations of life force.  In their overlapping etheric fields, these energies mix in complimentary ways, generating new learning tangents that neither person could have realized on their own.  One area where this is sometimes apparent is romantic relationships, in which people can truly bring out the best in each other by "projecting" caring and support.  

Reciprocal exchanges have both empathic and telepathic elements.  At the risk of oversimplifying, thoughts act like hitchhikers, latching on to the emotional energies that propel our psychic energy outward.  Whether someone feels humor or scorn, sympathy or animosity, serenity or fear, s/he sends out an energy form that is suffused with both conceptual and emotional aspects. 

The Ripple Effect

    Every possible state of awareness--from the most uplifting qualities of human emotion to the most regressive--has a distinct etheric signature.  The underlying energy of our ideas and feelings is a force that we constantly radiate into the world, either illuminating the truth or further obstructing it.  Our experiences may appear contained, but they have an impact that extends beyond our immediate surroundings.  We imprint the essence of everything we think, feel, and intend on the etheric matrices that surround us.  Every aspect of awareness generates a specific wave pattern, which radiates out into this normally unseen layer of reality, like a ripple in a pool of water. When people are especially focused or have very intense feelings, these "ripples" leave a stronger impression.  People can work to consciously enhance this effect.   

All that we experience has some impact on the etheric plane, but being aware of this phenomenon can give it far greater potency.  It may seem that with all the people out there, one moment of one person’s life is insignificant (whether or not they realize that they are literally "making waves"), but a force of any size can impact the whole system.  We will never know how the energy we send rippling out into the ethers will affect others’ lives for better or worse.  Neither can we see all the subtle ways that we benefit from the "waves" of others’ most sublime moments of joy, kindness, accomplishment and insight.   

In moments when we grasp the essence of a unitive insight, it might seem wise to hold onto that vibration, render it in stone, but this would be a futile attempt.  We cannot truly "keep" insights while continuing to learn, because they are always part of a broader growth process.  Any time we try to anchor ourselves to a certain realization, we deny certain opportunities for continued learning.  However, there is a way to both affirm and let go at the same time, and a way that helps everyone: to send out the energy of our insights while staying mindful that this new and exciting vantage point isn't the end of the road. However big or small a personal revelation may be, it generates a potent emotional energy which can serve as a catalyst for a massive release of consciousness-nourishing life force into the matrices of subtle energy around us.

Higher emotions are inherently growth-affirming: trying to selfishly hoard them only diminishes your energy level, while sharing and expressing them increases it.  Rather than holding onto that vibration, we can allow it to pass through us like a wave.  This way, the harmonizing spirit of the moment radiates outward into the broader matrix of the etheric plane.  The effect is to "tune" the ambient energy so that it becomes more conducive to feelings of calm, lucidity, and imagination.  Whoever happens to encounter this ripple as it moves through the etheric atmosphere will probably not notice anything different, but might feel a slight sense of upliftment or appreciation for their surroundings. The ripple doesn’t stop there, however: what people send out has funny way of circling back around to its point of origin.  Thus, whatever we send out could play a part in deciding what we will get back from life.  

Consider, for a moment, the possibility that all of the people on Earth are sending out ripples of subtle energy in every second of their life, most of them never knowing that they even have this awesome power.  Many people do not realize how important it is to be mindful of what they project into the etheric atmosphere.  Those who are aware of this power frame it in accordance with their belief systems: some people understand it as part of the healing power of prayer, whereas others see it as "positive intention" which they express while in meditation.  Whatever names we give it, it's all the same energy. Life force does not discriminate on the basis of religion or creed; it only varies according to intent. When our intent is loving and concerned with illuminating the dark corners of our existence, we help shine a light for everyone. When we harbor toxic emotions like malice and pursue oppressive ends, on the other hand, we hurt everyone (including ourselves).

We are all involved in a cycle of sending and receiving energy from the fields around us.  Since it takes less effort to internalize the vital energy around us "as-is" than to alter its basic state, imprinting the energy matrix with the essence of our most illuminated moments can have wondrous effects on others' learning which we will never fully know. The impact of our energy rippling out into the world, though impossible to quantify, cannot be understated.  

A final note: when people join together with a purpose rooted in higher-emotional energies, the ripple effect intensifies.  Just as the music of a full symphony is invariably fuller than that of a single instrument, groups of people can generate etheric waves that are exponentially more powerful than any individual person’s vibration.  

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